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Learn to Dance

Can I try square dancing without obligation?

Absolutely!   "Open House" dances are held several times a year for people with little or no square dancing experience.  Or drop in any dance evening just to visit. Come meet us and experience the fun of square dancing!


How do I get started Square Dancing?

The first step requires no commitment! Spend an evening with us and meet the Chesapeake Squares.   

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Do I have to attend all the classes?

New calls are taught progressively, building on the previous lessons. Attending all classes helps everyone learn a concentrated program at a reasonable pace while having a good time. We do realize that occasionally something happens that prevents a student from attending; as long as it's not a regular occurance, we will work with that you to get you back up to speed.

What happens next?

You have the opportunity to join a class of similarly interested people to learn the beginning level of square dancing, known as Mainstream. A professional caller will teach several new calls every class and practice those taught previously while current club members dance with you to help along the way. The learning is easy and fun. Many of our members fondly remember the good times in their Mainstream classes.

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